Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taylored Arts

We week is almost at an end and the sun is finally wetting outside my window. I sip a hot cup of tea and think about this weeks posts and the fun new shops I have encountered. Sweet painting to amazing modern jewelry. Etsy has so much to offer and so little time for me to look at each shop!
Today's shop is the cutest, sweetest, "est" shop on all of Etsy! I know that is saying a lot but I feel at this moment, it's true! This new mother and artist is making incredible art, allowing her to stay home with her child. Sweet silhouettes, charming images, and blues with black that make me want to die!
Please visit her shop and make this new momma proud!


irene.s said...

like your blog a lot, added it..
my favorite layout, clean and simple (not too simple, but very eye pleasing) :)
irene (bluecitrusart)

jcnStudios said...

What a great discovery! She has a lovely shop:)

Monica Yvette said...

I really like these. The simple black/ white graphics really pop.


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