Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Personal or Professional?

As I am thinking about Green week and all the ways we can change our lives to help the environment, it makes me think about my company and all the ways I can use my company to help others. Volunteering at children's craft classes, spending time with the elderly, walking pets at the ASPCA, or any number of things that only involve me making time.
But what about my blog? Where does my blog fit in to all this craziness. What do you want, as a reader, out of my blog? This is where I need you to volunteer and give it to me straight! What can I do to make this blog awesome and fulfilling to the needs of my readers? Does it need to be more about artists and the wonderful work they make or more about me and my life? My company? Or a mixture?

Let me know how you feel and the best advice will win a set of my cards!! Mixed and matched but a set of ten Punkin Cards!!
Yay for winners.....

1 comment:

Bunny B said...

I'd like a nice mix of both - personal and professional :)


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