Monday, April 21, 2008

When The Tires Won't Go

Today, I was shopping my little heart out at my fav store, Target, when I noticed a slight whistle sound coming from my back right tire. Yep! A leak... I then drove my car like mad over to the tire shop, AKA Firestone, and preceded to sit there for FIVE hours while they changed my tires. It's no fun sitting in a stinky man filled room with all your bags of lovelies just waiting for some guy to try to sell you pink tree air freshener.
Well, I finally made it home and wanted to share some of my fun items from the shopping trip. I know they are from Target and not my fav Indie shops but sometimes a sale rack at your fav department store is just as awesome!

Birds Vintage Tee
Vintage Shiny Stone Tee

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