Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Scribble It

We have another amazing interview for my interview series, Scribble It! A great funky but amazing little shop that sells, you guessed it, scribbles!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your shop.
About myself, I am co-owner of Scribble It. My sister and I created the company. We are both stay at home moms, and having a business like this allows us to spend time with our children but also indulge ourselves in something we love. My older sister and I love vinyl lettering and wall art, but were on a budget as many of us are, and a lot of places didn't offer what we wanted. So, from there we started Scribble It. It's fun, hip and funky! We offer custom vinyl lettering and wall art for your home, your business, your vehicle and your life. Our products are wonderful! The vinyl we use has a matte finish so it won't glare and looks smooth, as if it was hand-painted on. We offer unfinished projects for church and neighborhood groups, finished projects for great gifts and wall art that's unique and original.

2. Why did you choose Etsy to feature your work? Do you have a website?
We chose Etsy because we love handmade! Can't get enough of it and it has been a wonderful place to do business. All of our customers are quick to pay and it has been a pleasure to ship to people all over the world - from Australia, Canada and many other places. Our website,, is filled with a variety of pre-designed quotes, phrases and wall art. The website also features our upcoming events, our variety of vinyl colors and fonts, as well as testimonials and a photo gallery filled with "Scribbles".

3. I really love your shop name, Scribbleit, why did you name your company this and how does it influence your buyers?
Scribble It truly describes what we do, we offer "Scribbles" for your home. Instead of spending hours of designing, tracing and then hand-painting a design, give Scribble It a chance and within 10-15 minutes (depending on the Scribble) you can step back and truly love what you have done. Our name is catchy, unique and really full of fun!

4. What kind of products to you offer? Do you take custom orders?
We not only offer vinyl lettering, which is the hot item in home decor, but we also offer wall art. Designs with birds, dress forms, clocks and even shelves, the sky is the limit with our wall art.

5. Where would you like to see your shop in 5 years?
We would love to expand our business to multi-colored wall art and lettering and plan on providing funky wall art to our Etsy customers!

Thanks Scribble It. To visit this wonderful shop see here :P
Scribble it will also include some amazing art in the April giveaway!!! I can't wait!

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gleave said...

I LOVE this company! They get your orders done so fast, and they are GREAT!


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