Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fun-iture For Your Home

Since I have moved into my first home I am very obsessed with furniture. I love pieces that are older and may need some "love" when it comes to bringing the truth out in the wood! I say truth, meaning the original grain or texture. Why do I call it "truth"? Don't know, just do!
But some others may need a little brush with some fab paint to give them a who new identify and this Etsy shop, Buck Creek Furnishings, has just what I was looking for. Great pieces of art that can be customized to my needs, style, or wants. It's handcrafted, custom furniture for those of us who want something special but may *not* have the time to create it ourselves. Plus you are supporting an independent artists! Two birds... you know the rest... with the stone thing?

Check out Buck Creek Furnishings on your next furniture adventure!

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