Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Wallpaper on the Screen

From time to time I like to change the background wallpaper on my desktop. In the spring it's alive with fresh blooming flowers, butterflies, and spring baby birds. The summer is vast open prairie fields and tall grand oaks. Fall brings me to more of an burnt orange and vibrant purples mixed in vineyards and sea side towns. For winter I settle for large landscapes covered in powdered snow with children's sled tracks screaming down the hills. Each season has it's own memories and style. Completely open or closed in from the cold.
Why not change our insides to match the outsides, I began to think? It's very easy to keep your home current and full of seasonal warm by simply changing your art work. Buying prints of amazing art is cost effective and smart way to keep your home or office feeling fresh and alive. Simply buy prints that will fit your desired frame and "Ta-dah!" you have changing art! It's really that simple as long as you can get off the comfy sofa and do it!

Blue Citrus Art

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