Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interview with ThePeachTree

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your shop.
**My boyfriend and I live in a teeny Brooklyn studio with three zany felines. I opened up shop in January (after having heard of Etsy through a lovely woman on a plane from San Francisco) and the wonderful handmade community they upheld. It was a tough start, I won't lie, but I'm beginning to feel like I've really found my niche and I truly feel like my creations have a home here.

2. Why did you choose Etsy to feature your work? Do you have a website?
**I do not have a website. Etsy has everything I feel my little business needs right now. Each and every moment I'm on the site I'm just blown away by the talent I am able to share space and time with.

3. I really love your shop name, The Peach Tree, why did you name your company this and how does it influence your buyers?
**Haha! My boyfriend just gave a "woot". He actually named it! He names all of the pieces in the shop as well. We're big proponents of bouncing ideas of off each other. As per influencing buyers? I don't know. I know I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I here the name :)

4. What kind of products to you offer? Do you take custom orders?
**I offer unique and individual stone jewelry. I have a passion for rocks and minerals and try to use varieties and/or combinations that are a bit out of the ordinary. I LOVE working on custom orders and making something in someone's minds eye.

5. Where would you like to see your shop in 5 years?
**Still here!! I just love doing what I'm doing and hope to reach out to enough people to sustain my wee little store.

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