Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Little, Red Headed, Step Child

Yep, you know her. The little, red headed, step child that lives in your neighborhood. She's mean, fun to watch like a car wreck and as interesting as a brick. (no offense to red headed step children out there)
But we at Etsy have our own little step child, Alchemy! Esty's oldest, newest feature. Alchemy was around long before I joined Etsy, so they say, but it has made a come back in the last few months with a new way of shopping. It's like Ebay but on crack. (no offense to crack smokers out there) You are able to place an *ad* for the item you want and sellers then *bid* on your *ad* and maybe they get ****A***** sale! It's actually a very cool way to shop, if you know what you want.

If you are there for some funny buisness then I would take that talk to the circus! (no offense to circus people out there)

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