Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indie Knows: Button Fever

Written by Nicole Sapsford
Indie Knows writer

Button, badges, pins. Call them what you will but no one can deny that this is a trend that is never going away. Whether you want to declare your allegiance to Spam or tell people about your love of cupcakes a badge is a sure fire way of doing it.

Whilst browsing through the goodies on Etsy (as you do) I came across a particular shop that stood out for its unique, cute and funny badges. Taryn runs a shop called mymy, which apart from badges also sells hand spun yarn, zines and other freakishly cute goodies so well worth taking a look through.

There's something for everyone in the shop; some themes that stand out are crafts, nerdy chic and eco-culture. There's even a badge for etsians, a familiar sight to those of us that spend far too much time there!

My personal favorite is the dinosaur badge shown above, it combines my love of mocking trends whilst also paying homage to the cuteness of them.

One of Taryn's favorite badges is her "girls with glasses rock harder" (pictured above). Taryn says that "two things that define me are my love of making stuff & my glasses, both of which i get totally nerdy over. when i sit down to design new buttons i always pull ideas from my likes. When i started making buttons it was because i couldn't find anyone who was putting things on those little round babies that reflected me!".

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