Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Indie Knows: Ordinary to Extraordinary

Writer: Nicole Sapsford

There's nothing better than coming across people who do truly amazing, cute and beautiful things with normal, everyday objects. Take XPorcelinaZeroX, a German designer who I found on and her amazingly cute pink cassette tape pin. Made from a small tape, measuring 5x3cm and covered with pink glitter. I love the cute surprised look.

Another great designer on Dawanda is stories_behind_objects. I particularly loved this apple pendant made from bottle caps. Amazingly pretty and at only 12 Euros (about $19 US dollars) worth snapping up while you still can. For all the Eco-friendly out there, you'll be happy to hear that the artist works mostly with recycled materials. Now you can look pretty whilst saving the world!

And who could resist the powerfully cute Pirate Zombie made from socks. Yup, that's right socks are no longer just for the feet. The artist, Underroos tells you his story so go take a look at Suck Zombie if you're fond of the giggles. The shop includes other great sock zombies such as a samurai and throwing zombies. Why throwing zombies? Well as Underroos says: "Throwing a zombie at your enemy is just like throwing an apple, except that your enemy's brains get eaten. And you don't waste an apple."

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