Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion Fights Poverty

A Punkin Card Company's stationery will be at Fashion Fights Poverty!  Check it out:
 Created by Style & Image Network, Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is, according to the Washington Post, "one of the largest fashion fundraisers in Washington, DC." Featuring national and international designers who employ ethical means and practices in their design and manufacturing processes to produce products that promote economic development and the betterment of a given community, FFP provides a forum for dialog and awareness-building about how fashion, textiles, and design can alleviate poverty and empower communities.
Fashion Fights Poverty is about two things: one, it rewards and recognizes designers and organizations who embrace the powerful potential of creativity and design to address issues of poverty by adhering to such principles as fair trade, equitable compensation and the use of environmentally-sustainable materials.
Two, Fashion Fights Poverty is about responsible consumerism and providing equally attractive marketing and branding platforms (such as the "Dress Responsibly" lookbook) between ethical designers and the growing population of socially-conscious shoppers. By focusing on both producer and consumer, FFP hopes to extend the dialogue and participation in poverty eradication beyond think tanks and policy makers to include manufacturers and consumers alike.
FFP is about action and promoting positive behavior. We are not telling people to stop shopping. Rather, we are showing opportunities to do so responsibly and, in the process, engage organizations and enterprises which use fashion, design and creativity as a means of addressing the most important issues of our time.

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