Monday, September 22, 2008

In Their Own Words - Opus Muse

I’m a self-taught jewelry making artist/mom of one/domestic goddess, from Singapore, a small dot on the world map. OpusMuse is my shop. Literally, OpusMuse means "Work Inspiration" where the work itself is my inspiration! It's born out of my desire to design & create beautiful wearable embellishments. After a short stint in a jewelry making & metal smithing class, I’m hooked. I’ve always been pretty good with my hands. I like to make things. Be it sewing, woodworking, metalwork, technical drawing, brick and mortar, I was like one of the boys while I was in school. I’m a very visual person, so I learn things quickly just by watching. When I found Etsy, I knew I had to jump at the chance of having my own shop, a platform to showcase my work and share with like minded people about all things handmade. Mixing the OLD with the NEW to give my jewelry an ECLECTIC GLOBAL look is what I enjoy doing. My inspiration comes from many different mediums. It can be vintage or new cutting edge designs of furniture/objects, posters, films, art, music, my travels, photography, architecture and particularly the work of architect Antonio Gaudi. At the moment, I like to experiment and play around with things a bit. But as any good designer should be, I hope to evolve and develop an identity with experience. To find a signature design that I can put my name on.

Hmm...what makes me get up early in the morning and create? I Don’t. I’m Nocturnal. I’m the type who stays up late into the night, tweaking my designs till I’m satisfied with the final result. There’s something about the silence and crispness of the night air that makes me calm, collected and creative. On days when you get a spark of design idea in your head, you just don’t feel tired; you might even forget to sleep/eat/drink, you just feel even more motivated as you work. And inevitably always drawn to your workbench like it’s a magnet! I guess this is what you call Passion? On contrast, my background is in Building Construction & Economics. Nothing related to the Arts scene. But still related to creating things, in a BIG way. So you might catch me admiring/capturing beautiful old buildings on film somewhere around the world.

For those simple little pleasures in life, buy handmade, shop OpusMuse.

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