Monday, September 01, 2008

In Their Own Words - KiWi Cuties

Like most, my beginnings were humble. I was a mild-mannered technical writer for a software company
when my destiny revealed itself to me in the form of a black scribble. This scribble found its way into my correspondence along with the admonishment, 'Don't make me deploy the ninjas'. Eventually, this scribble told me that it was time to raise up a ninja army to combat the forces of non-awesomeness. I asked the scribble how I would find these modern day warriors and it told me to send out a signal and let them find me. This is when I began screen-printing ordinary t-shirts with these special indicators that would compel the novice ninjas to join my cause.

After that, I continued to design and paint with reckless abandonment. I've since added pirates, zombies
and spacemen to my arsenal of awesome. As you can see, my work has a distinctly Asian flavor to it which is likely the influence of my anime-loving daughter and manga-reading husband. I'm currently working to add kokeshi and geisha characters as well as venture further into fine art offerings. I hope to one day be the 'Hello Kitty' of stealth assassination.

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