Monday, September 01, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.............

Well, I am sure most of the world knows about the large storms about to crash into the gulf coast. We all have seen the horrible effects of similar hurricanes in the past, thus people are taking better precautions then ever before.
All my life, I have lived along the ocean, gulf or some body of water. I was born in Goose Creek, South Carolina (near Charleston) and was swept up in the most horrendous of all hurricanes, Hugo. I have also lived in Florida, with my grandparents who have seen many a hurricane in their day.Now, the past 10+ years of my life were in Louisiana. Mostly North Louisiana, but still Katrina land.
Since we have moved to Texas, things remain the same. Maybe it's not the dreaded landfall, but it's rain, wind, and tornadoes from falling out storms. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people being impacted by this new wave of power. Please be safe and trust your gut. From someone who knows what you are a feeling, be safe.

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