Friday, October 10, 2008

In Their Own Words - 2monkees

I am the mom of two busy, active little boys. As a family we spend most of our time outside hiking, playing sports, biking and skiing. I am relatively new to the whole "craft movement" but I grew up watching my mom and her sisters paint, sew, and decopauge their way through life. Now I am hooked!
I often find myself up in the middle of the night thinking about new things I want to try. It gets a little obsessive but I enjoy the creative release. I find that my active lifestyle often fuels my ideas. Many times, I have returned from a run to rush upstairs to my office to try something that came to me while running....sometimes it works-sometimes it doesn't but it is always fun to try!


irene.s said...

Hey! You've been tagged! I hope you have a little extra time to
play and pass it on. I've been tagged
by leigh
check out mine or her blog to read.
7 random things about you tag game :)

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

thanks for the feature! I love your birdy cards. They are so cute! Keep up the good work!


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