Saturday, January 03, 2009

Time to Clock Back In

What is worst about the holidays is trying to recover from the leftovers. Yes, the leftover food, the leftover presents you will never use, and the ever unholy leftover weight. It's true. I have all three and I should really through out those leftovers!
But between all the hustle and bustle of my in laws being in town for three months, birthdays, and the jingle bell rock, I found time to create my new spring line of cards. I am happy to say that half of them are printed, photographed and listed in my Etsy shop. If I had suspenders on I would hike those things up just right and give myself a jolly pat on the back. But remember, I said half... darn
So I am back from my break to get my little business in gear. I have commissioned for a new logo, business cards, banners and such from an awesome graphic designer. Plus, a new website and hopefully a shinny new press kit. I am so freakin excited about the press kit, did I say PRESS KIT? Why yes I did.
So keep your eyes open and look out because Punkin has a brand new bag, whatever that means.....

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