Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy (insert here) and a Happy New Year!

It's the day before Christmas guys. Yep, time has flown by entirely too fast. To me it seems like I am still back in Monroe, Louisiana working full-time and running my little card hobby. Fast forward 8 months and I am living in Montgomery, Texas running my card business full-time! Wow, how time has flown by for me and I am sure it has for all of you.
We will be entertaining family and friends for the next fews days and I really hope to eat too much. Just for old times sake. After that, I will start working out on my Wii five times a day until summer to get ready for a bikini Yeah, probably not, but it's fun to dream, huh?
Enjoy your time, no matter how you spend it. Enjoy your family even if they are far away. And dream dreams that are too big to seem possible and reach them anyways. Merry Christmas everyone! See you on the flip side.


textile_fetish said...

Happy New Year, you goofball!

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Happy New Year! I also hope that my Wii (which Santa just brought me) will lead to teeny weeny bikini...ahhh optimism.


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