Monday, February 09, 2009

Softies, Only A Mother Could Love

I had the resent pleasure of reviewing a wonderful new book, Softies, Only A Mother Could Love , edited by Jess Redman and Meg Leder. This book is a 133 pages of handmade, loveable friends great for your children or grandchildren. It's really for anyone who enjoys creating handmade, plush toys that you sew, knit, or crochet.
Looking through this book, I was amazed by the little details the artists and authors used to make sure that each softie was as easy as pie to create. Each project has a beautiful, full page image of your softie creation, a lovely inspirational message from the creating artists, and extremely detailed tools and materials list. Even someone like myself, who could improve on my sewing skills, feels completely capable of creating these little cutie pies with easy.
My favorite softie from this book is the Lizard by while she naps. The little creepy friend is numero uno on my must make list. I can not get over the button attached limbs. Though I do not recommend moving the limbs around, I might have to give this one a try.

This amazing book was released on February 3rd by Perigee Trade Paperback Original. This great DIY craft book is only $16.95 and includes all of the sewing patterns. All you need is some scrap fabric from around the house and the will to create. Enjoy everyone and remember to send me pictures of your handmade softies created from this book. Each softies will win a set of my handmade cards.

You may purchase the book from Amazon here .

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