Thursday, February 12, 2009

When the clouds part.. and love falls down

Sorry everyone for my bold attempt at posting some more. It was all going as planned until the ceiling fell out on my picture book life. Well not really, I got really busy and I think my brain is going to die. Have you ever felt like that. There is so much to do but you can't find the strength to do one thing? I am there~

This weekend, for the happiest of all sugar days, Valentines Day, hubby, the dog and I are going on a much needed mini break to Austin. I am dying to have some BBQ and listen to some live music. Nothing like getting away from stress to allow your creativity to flow. I wish you all a very happy VD day and hope you all stay safe. I'm sure I am going to have lots of pictures when I come back.

Make sure t check back tomorrow for a picture show!

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