Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Hello from Hello Lucky

After my meeting at Sew Crafty, I took a turn around the block to see Teresa at Hello Lucky. If you haven't been to this little eclectic store, you are completely missing out on some amazing goodies. They carry everything from beautiful screen printed clothing to sculptures from various mediums. Lots of lovely jewelry, hats, bags, and soaps from Feto Soap.
Teresa O'Conner, owner of Hello Lucky, has hosted many events and artistic shows in The Heights and has a few more to come before we reach the hot summer months. She is also a member of The Houston Craft Mafia and one of our biggest supporters. We had a long talk about her ideas for a fashion craft show to showcase the best fashions that Houston has to offer. Maybe we'll get to see some upscale, handmade clothing, accessories, and home decor handmade from Houston area artists. I'll keep you posted on this event, which is going to be "the event" of 2009!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hello Luck is such a great gem of a shop - it is exactly why I love living in the Heights! Teresa Rocks!


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