Monday, March 02, 2009

Sew Craft is So Crafty!

Don't worry, Sarah did not change the name but I did have the chance to meet with the lovely lady of craft on Thursday. She runs a craft mecca in The Heights (Houston, Texas) called Sew Crafty. They have craft classes of all kinds, from sewing to kids classes. If you want to learn how to DIY anything, this is the place to find the info out.

Sew Crafty also carries a variety of cute fabrics, sewing tools and DIY kits. This small, but warm store features the voice of handmade and the desire to keep learning and growing. Both as an individual and as a craft community.
If you are ever in the The Heights and you feel the need to make something ASAP, then run over to Sew Crafty. I am sure there is a craft class to meet your abilities.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Aww! Thanks for the love lady!

I'm pumped that you are going to be teaching with us - your business is awesome and you have a lot of crafty knowledge to share; thank you for teaching with us!


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