Friday, June 26, 2009

There is a season, turn, turn, turn

Things have been super crazy here at A Punkin Card Company and if you have had any personal contact with me over the past few months, you totally understand. APCC (A Punkin Card Company) is growing by leaps and bounds. And with this, I am reaching out to others for help in areas that I just don't have time for anyone. I am happy to announce APCC has a new PR rep who will be handling all my PR related needs, press releases, pitches to magazines and blog, etc. She is totally rockin and I honestly would be crying in the fetal position without her.
I am also excited to announce APCC will be taking on new sales reps. I have had several emails from really good reps and agencies and I am in the process of interviewing them all. This will allow me to concentrate more on creating and less on wholesale and pitching my items to retailers. Totally worth it
APCC is also getting a new home. No, way are we leaving Etsy, but we are getting a new website. Should be finished just in time for the holidays. Hopefully it will be the best website ever!!

Lots of changes around here but we are still the same old A Punkin Card Company and by we I mean me!

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AliciaMae said...

Congrats on the moves forward! It sounds like you have your hands full :)


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