Tuesday, July 07, 2009

$25 A Punkin Card Company Giveaway

An awesome fellow blogger friend of mine is holding a week long giveaway on her blog, The Ardent Sparrow. I have extended a hefty $25 gift certificate from A Punkin Card Company for her giveaway and would like to give my readers a chance to enter. Just go to her blog, and follow the entry guidelines.

There is a different giveaway each day of the week, so you guys could rack up big time! A Punkin Card Company's giveaway is today, so hurry and win! No pushing allowed.


sarah said...

Cool! She was already a favorite of mine on Etsy. How funny. I had a great time meeting you today and am very excited to hand out some lovely cards!

A Punkin Card Company said...

It was very nice to meet you too Sarah! Remeber to keep in touch!


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