Monday, July 06, 2009

Website Advice

With the upcoming creation of A Punkin Card Company's new website, I am a bit overwhelmed with the things and tasks needed to complete said website. So I am turning to you, my readers, to help me out of this stress puddle.

1. What do you like in a website, from both a buyer's and seller's viewpoint? Clean lines or flashy? Flash programing or straight to the point products?

2. Do you like or ever use the 'About' , 'Press', etc pages?

3. Contacting the artist. Would you prefer a contact sheet on the website or simply a email to send your thoughts to? What about wholesale contact, should that be separate?

4. Would you like to create an account or simply checkout and be done? Wish lists?

5. White or natural backgrounds for the products? This is a big toss up for me, so help a girl out!

If you have any thoughts or advice from previous situations, please share. I will take all the help I can get. You can comment here or send it to my email. Thanks in advance!


Christy said...

I almost always look at about and press pages.

I prefer an email contact. I don't know that you would need a separate wholesale contact. It could be the same...unless you want to organize your info.

No account. Just a checkout.

I prefer white backgrounds and clean lines. This is all personal preference, though. You should do whatever highlights your products the best!

A Punkin Card Company said...

Thanks for your advice. It was much needed!

Gabbie AKA MissEvilKitty said...

I like your current color combo very grown up. I like white backgrounds they make everything seem Modern :)

there my 2 cents :)

A Punkin Card Company said...

I do like the color combo but I hope the website has a grown-up feel but is also handmade and cool. Trying to fond that middle ground is hard.

Gabbie AKA MissEvilKitty said...

yeah , i didnt do anything to fance with and am pretty happy with it :)

sarah said...

I always think less is more. Less adds, blinking and links. Clean and simple gives you a look of confidence.
I always look at the About stuff. For me the point of buying handmade is being able to have a sense of where the product I am buying comes from.
Your pictures of the products are awesome and look really professional. Your blog is awesome so just go with your gut and your web site will be fab.

A Punkin Card Company said...

I am defiantly a less is more person. Clean lines and bold colors...


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