Monday, August 31, 2009

Work On Your Graphics

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post about improving your company's line! Today we will discuss your graphics. (Didn't that sound very Business 101?)
Some people are thinking, graphics, what graphics? Well Let me explain. A graphic is anything you use to market your company. This can be a logo, business card, images on your website, anything! Any type of image you use, either in print or on the Internet, that allows a customer to recognize your company or line.
Some of my first graphics were made by me, well, they were!

This was my first business card design

It was easy enough to make. Just a old Photoshop Elements program that came with my printer and the paint bucket feature, ta-da! Business card. But this card did not showcase my company in a manner that said, 'Hey, I am a legit and awesome company that you should buy stuff from." So after biting the bullet I hired a graphic desinger to create a series of images or graphics for A Punkin Card Company that would showcase us as a great, legit, and professional company.

This is my current business card and logo

I also began to use this image everywhere. On my banners, stickers, even on my labels that attach to the greeting card sleeves. It says I am a company and this is my symbol! Also, I have taken this bird (see logo above) and used him has my 'mascot'. I place him on tags, sticker, cards, and now on the website!
So it goes to show you what a little extra can do for your line. Also, some times it takes a 3rd party, in this case a graphic desinger, to see what my company needed. Just by changing some images, I have increased my wholesale, retail, and custom orders. This allows my company to be a professional company.

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