Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's Talk Packaging

That's right kiddos, we are talking about the way you package your items for retail or wholesale sales. How do you package your items? Do you think about the customer receiving it on the other end? What does your customer think about your packaging?
If you think about it honestly, your packaging can easily be improved. I am always working new packaging techniques into my looks. What about ribbon? Stickers? Professionally printed tissue paper with my logo? You could go on and on!

 Let's start with the basics. I sell greeting cards, so I start with the card and envelope in a cello sleeve. This makes the card look nice but also protects it from damage from dirt, water, or sticky gum on a child's hand.This is standard for anyone, weather retail or wholesale. Depending on your product, you need to find something to cover it. Tissue paper? Left over fabric? Handmade wrapping paper? Just remember, you are a handmade, crafty business, so let that shine when the custom opens that package.

What comes next? Well anything! Try adding a cute round sticker, with your logo printed on it, to close the wrapping paper instead of clear tape! Then add some awesome ribbon to your package! I add a small sticker to the outside of my cards to show the customer what they are buying. It says: 1 greeting card + 1 envelope, with my logo on the end. Simple and to the point. Easy to use for retail and wholesale.

What do you do with that invoice? Just throw it in the package, eh? Well think some more. What not place the invoice in an envelope and close it up with another sweet sticker? This shows the customer you went above and beyond to ensure their order is awesome and 100% crafty.

In closing, think about every handmade item you bought and what it looked like when it arrived on your doorstep. Remember the bad ones? But what about the awesome ones? Let's all try an be the awesome ones next time, eh?


Susie said...

It's an ever changing process for me. I am always trying to come up with colorful ways to package my products. It's a challenge to make it pretty but to keep costs at a minimum. sigh.
Thanks for the tips!

A Punkin Card Company said...

Yes, mine are always changing and it's hard to keep a balance between cost and quality!

A Punkin Card Company said...
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Blissful Thinking Studio said...

Thanks for these great tips; they are very timely as I am just kicking off my store and trying to figure out these very packaging issues. I think your ideas are right on and since I'm a card designer as well it is even more applicable. To return the favor, I recently tried the pillow and scallop tags at The shipping was fast and I just printed some off and they look fab!

A Punkin Card Company said...

Yes, custom labels or stickers can add a very nice touch to your packaging. I can't tell you how many stickers I have saved from other orders. I love to collect them!


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