Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bought a House but no exercise...

Last Wednesday we signed the contract to buy our first home. I am so relived, excited, nervous, and stresses at the same time. If you have been following my rambling on Facebook, you already know what I am talking about. This has been the most stressful event in my life since my wedding. And what is sad, is we only looked at houses to 2 weeks. Hehe, I know, TWO WEEKS? Yes, only two weeks.
I was determined to make anything work. You show me an ugly, DIY house next to some railroad tracks, I can make it work! I'll fit it up and make it like new. Too many HGTV dreams my friend. I think through this experience I have lost my taste for House Hunters and home improvement shows. They make it WAY too easy. 'Why yes, there are 300 year old hard wood floors under this carpet!'

That being said, we decided to buy a new construction home. Between our jobs and my schedule, we don't have time to fix anything up. I wanted something turnkey. I could move in and unpack, then bam!, instant house. Easy as pie.
This is house is double the size of my current house and we still have furniture from collage. I know, dorm room crap furniture. So I am sort of in the market for a part-time job to bring in some extra cash to start buying some furniture. I think with the holiday seasons coming up, I can find something. Even if it is temporary. So Spring, The Woodlands, and Houston area folks... send me your job leads. I am on vacation this week in North Carolina, so I will read them when I return.

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