Monday, October 05, 2009

The Dog Woke Me Up This Morning

Well, since I am up way too early, I might as well share some news with you guys. I know I have not been the best at updating this blog while I am in the middle of moving but I am sure you can understand.

The closing went well (except for the car breaking down) and we now own our first home. There is really nothing like it. Something that is totally your own! It's so different with rentals. They all need work, but you do not want to put your own money into them since it's not your property. I always wanted to paint, but didn't feel like changing the place back to all white when we were ready to move. We never added our own touch to any place we lived, so this is our big chance.
I have already told my husband of the plans I have for the house. He said, "Grreeaattt!" Which I think he is incline to leave it the way it is, but I am ready to decorate the mess out of the house! I love blues, greys, and greens. With splashes of warm colors here and there. I am also looking into a large vinyl tree for my office. That way I feel like I am in a modern forest! Cool, huh?

Good things to come everyone. Keep checking back as I post some images of our updates as e go along. Moving day is October 10th!!

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