Thursday, October 01, 2009

We Closed On Our House and Lost Our Minds

I would love to share with you the excitement of today. We were so thrilled to final close on this beautiful house of ours! Closing was easy and fairly quick.


We left Chicago title and went over to the house to get the keys. We talked with Travis for a bit and waited for the maids to finish the cleaning. Sable had to close all the blinds and obsessed about the back door having a glass center. (He hates glass doors!)
We took the sold sign out of the yard and hugged... mushy huh?

We got in the car drove down the road to go and get some lunch... we never got lunch. Here is what happened. My car started bucking like a bronco (the horse, not the SUV). It was more like a jerk and shutter then up and down. We pulled over and turned off the engine. We thought maybe turning it off would restart, something, so on it went and we drove down the road. BUCKING AND SHUTTERING!
We pulled over in the Spring Trails welcome center and I called roadside assistant. 45 minutes later, the tow truck guy arrived. He was nice.
We went to the dealership to have the car looked at. It's only 9 months old! Dealership service guy tried to tell us nothing was wrong. I honestly can tell you I was going to bite his head off. He also mentioned that we did not notify him we needed a loaner car (even though I called him and said 'Hey, my car broke down and I am coming with the car'). We waited for an hour.

Finally they figure out ALL the wiring from the mother board (computer) was bad. GREAT! So my car will be in the shop until next week, sometime. Sable was 3 hours late to work. And we had lunch at 2:30.


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