Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Brand New Day

I finally got some Christmas cards made this weekend. I hope to have some pictures of them up sometime this evening. I know it is getting kind of late to try to sell them but I am thinking about sending them out to friends and family to promote some business. Next year I will get on the Christmas card ball around August!!
This Christmas we are traveling to my grandmother house in Florida and let's just say that I am really excited! I have not been to "granny's" house for Christmas in a long, long time!! Do you remember Christmas as a child? Fun and toys, lots of food and candy! I wish Christmas was like that every year but sometimes life gets in the way. This year will be amazing since I can leave the "life" things at home and travel to kid land again with my grandmother!
I hope you all have a happy Tuesday. I need some coffee!

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