Thursday, August 09, 2007

Paper Planet

Though Paper Planet's shop might remind you of a backyard leaf pile, it also takes you back your childhood (and that big running jump into the leaf pile!) She takes her love of art, the deisgn of nature, and interest in environmental issues to make beautiful earth friendly art. Most of her materials include: handmade papers, pressed flowers, leaves and greenery, branches, grasses, and bamboo, along with recycled items like vintage music paper, scraps of handwriting, cancelled postage stamps and luggage tags. Most of the flowers she presses for use are from her own garden! All materials are either recycled or as natural as possible. Plus, they are non-toxic and nonflammable.
"Just as each flower, leaf and other gifts from nature are special and different, each item I create is individually handcrafted and one of a kind." says Paper Planet
She considers herself an Eco-Artist and it allows her an opportunity to bring the wonders of nature to those who enjoy her work by enhancing and embellishing their lives in peaceful, beautiful, fulfilling, and earth-honoring ways.
As an artist, Paper Planet has dabbled with many different mediums and techniques. Though having a modist heart she is world known and quite famous. She is featured in all of the following publications:
Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Holiday issues, Crafting Traditions, Crafts ‘N Things, Floral & Nature Crafts, Incredibly Awesome Crafts for Kids, Jewelry Crafts, Paper Ideas, Quick & Easy Crafts, Simply Handmade

In addition to Etsy, you can find Paper Planet contemporary paper arts at the following retail centers: The Harvest Shop, Centre Hall, Pa and SOTA (Spirit of the Artist), Philadelphia, PA.

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