Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catherine Marche

So Catherine, where are you from and what got you started?

"I am from Paris (France) and live in London (UK). I have always been interested in jewelry and would always buy some on my many trips abroad. As a teenager, I had so many earrings that I make a bet with a friend that I had to wear a different pair of earrings every day. It lasted for over 2 months without wearing the same pair twice! In addition to buying, I used to make my own jewelery using beads, glitters, paper and clay."

What drew you to the arts, or crafting?

"My story follows the usual pattern of parents not keen on letting me study arts full time for a career. I ended up majoring in math, physics, and music. Then later MSc in IT while following evening art classes at the Beaux-Arts. I have worked in the city as an IT consultant for many years, with the heavy hours it implies."

Though you were drawn to the art, what area exactly made you stir with creative juiciness?

"I always had a hard time finding jewelry that I liked so naturally I started by designing my engagement ring. Then I tried a hand with my wedding ring and other wedding jewelry but I had to have them made since I did not have any silversmith skills. I did manage to make my tiara myself but I wanted it to stay simple. It was about the same time that I decided to make lots of bracelets and earrings for myself, which caught the eye a friend who had a friend who had a boutique. She decided to stock some of my designs and I must admit I was quite surprised when she sold many of them."

What was the big push that made you dive into your jewelry?

"A few years later, I became pregnant. And morning sickness happened in the every morning, every evening, and all night for eight months! I reverted to working freelance as an artist and illustrator ( After I had 2 little boys and realized I was not going to be able to see them grow up with a demanding job. It suddenly occurred to me last fall that instead of getting my work commissioned that I do it Myself! That was a revelation that leads to the realization of a long time dream."

"What I like the most is when a client contacts me with a query. I love designing a jewel that will respond to their wildest dreams, trying to discern their taste and personality while matching my imagination to precious metals and lovely gemstones/ pearls. My sketchbook is always so full of new ideas. All I need is more time."

Thank you so much for your time Catherine and please visit her shop:

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