Monday, August 06, 2007

Mindy Kuen

Mindy Kuen makes some of the most creative head bands and jewelry I have ever seen so I thought we might need to know a little more about her. She is married to an awesome hubby and partner in art with a lovely little girl. She and her husband enjoy the satisfaction one gets from creating art. So MindyKuen.Etsy is a team effort! Her husband does most of the metal stamping and she polishes, strings, sews & maintains the site. But he also loves the postal runs! Mindy works full time in an office and loves to sew as an escape. Mindy says, "I have been sewing & crafting for as long as I can remember - everyone in our family is pretty crafty."
For the Etsy site they started listing in January. They have also started vending locally this summer and they are loving every minute of it!
"It is so wonderful to see someone enjoying something you have created!" -Mindy

Check out her shop!
You know you wanna....

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