Friday, December 19, 2008

Let them have snow and cake

Well remember readers, last week sometime, seems like years ago when it snowed here in the Houston area? Yeah? Maybe? Nope!
It's like freaking hot outside today and I am wearing shorts. This is a crazy Christmas. Well, it did snow here a few week ago and in honor of that snow, I have a picture of it! Yep, I took a picture of the Holiday snow. Well at least what I could find still on the ground. So here it is a moment of silence for the fallen cold.

Now that we have remembered the snow, I must tell you about a very yummy cake I made.  It was one of those recipe packs you get in the mail, hoping you will subscribe to a whole year of crap in your mail box. Ladies, you know what I mean! Well, I decided to make one and though it was not the best cake I have ever made, it was quite good. The recipe called for too much flour, I think, so next time I am going to make it my way! The PUNKIN way! Here's a shot of my cake before the boys got a hold of it. It never had a chance around the boys.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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